What is C Squared Artistry?

  • It is where your true beauty is revealed and restored.

  • It is a place where you can connect to the deeper truths of your identity.

  • It is an experience that promotes the message of multiplying character and confidence in your life.

Join the C Squared Experience. Here's how:

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Every blog entry honestly speaks to the many personal challenges you face. In reading, you will find life- changing solutions for you to consider, and points of reflection to meditate on. 

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Host your own C Squared Experience
Begin the journey of confident living and character building; discover what it means to express yourself confidently by gaining  greater insight into becoming the fabulous women that we all desire to be.

Share this experience with the women of  your organization, church, or your conference attendees who are longing to see change in their lives and are excited to get started.

Bring this experience to your teen girls who might be in need of an outlet for honest and engaging conversations about self-esteem, sexual purity, personal style, and more. 

This experience will leave you energized to begin the work of authenticating who you are.





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This is a great way to engage in active character and confidence discovery; this intimate setting encourages open discussion with other awesome  and ambitious women.  If you're ready to experience the depths and benefits of self-reflection, along with practical application to lead you in the direction of a more balanced and focused life, be sure to check back for details for the next event.

What is the significance of the name?

The letter "C" stands for Christ.

The word "Squared" means to reconcile, harmonize, and balance.

The word "Artistry" communicates a workmanship and creativity.

The vision ahead of this brand is the belief that we are our Creator's Creation, and that through Him [Jesus Christ] we are reconciled. All of our broken pieces can be made whole, and we can live by design and not simply by default. It is on that foundation that our Character and Confidence is multiplied. When you know both who and whose you are, your Character is strengthened, and your Confidence is revealed!