The C Squared Experience is your access point to real conversations, deep consideration, energizing application that multiplies the character & confidence in your life so you can live by design!

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Professional Women :  

Do you wish you could speak up to share your thoughts and ideas instead of shying away from potential rejection or conflict?

Is procrastination suffocating your success at work? Learn how to embrace and execute the principle of completion to see impact in your professional and personal life.

Teen Girls:  Is it sometimes challenging to accept yourself (your hair, voice, body shape, facial features, personality, race etc.)?  Would it be helpful if you had a place to ask all of your questions related to boys and relationships without fear of judgement but knowing you're getting sound advice? Does the thought of moving out of your parents home, or starting  college terrify you? 

Participate in this experience and become empowered in your identity and equipped for your future.

Non-profit Organizations & Churches:

Are you ready to demonstrate faithfulness in both publicly and privately? Is it uncomfortable or awkward to accept a compliment? Would it be easier for you to simply avoid people? Have you found yourself speaking 'out of character' and struggling to get your attitude under control? 

 Identify some of the foundational characteristics to becoming a woman of your word.  Learn how to establish habits that can position you for greater things to come in your life so you can enjoy the present while preparing for the future.


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The Experience is Real

I loved the worksop; I wish it was longer”

”...Excellent & relevant information”

”She is so engaging and well-spoken
— Embracing You Women's Conference
This was such an interactive workshop; it was great to be open with each other.

”I was able to have a relief of peace; this was very helpful with what I’m going through.

”I am ready to set new personal and professional goals; feeling very ambitious.”
— Educational Data Systems Inc. (Work Readiness Program)
I really liked the workshop “ The face of Leadership” because it was a present day workshop that embodied things I like and connected it to leadership.

“ She’s (Candace Claiborn) really motivational and she was really great at providing analogies to help girls feel confident in their looks and leadership skills.”
— Girl Scout Council of the National's Capital, "Face of Leadership" workshop