Welcome to Conversations with Candace

I am so elated to begin this blog; there's just so much that I want to share with you as I put words to the awesome character, confidence, beauty, spiritual, and just overall life principles and experiences that God is illuminating for me day after day! 

 There is so much that goes unsaid in our relationships (familial, romantic, platonic, professional and the list goes on); there are thoughts that swirl around in our minds that seem to become trapped by fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, and often simply loneliness, so I hope that these entries resonate with you. I would be just over the moon excited to see your comments and questions, as you take the time to read this blog each week. 

My prayer is that through these conversations, you will see a reflection of yourself as I share transparently and boldly. I am not an ordained minister or certified counselor by any means, but I am indeed a woman seeking after Christ and receiving His truth so I can share it and live it all the days of my life. I believe that it is only by this truth that I can live with purpose, so I thank you in advance for being a part of this fulfillment!

This is just the beginning of something truly amazing and I'm excited to share it with all of you!!

With great appreciation and anticipation,

Mrs. Candace Claiborn