Are you Content (kənˈtent)with your Content (ˈkäntent)?

Am I the only one who checks Shameless Maya and Kandee Johnson’s channels each week for new videos? or the only one who scrolls through IG eager to see the next traveling preaching adventure that @HeatherLindsay is on, or the latest style combo by @Stylepantry or @WendysLookBook

These individuals may or may not be in your news feeds, but if you’re on social media, I venture to bet that there are people that you follow and look forward to seeing what’s new in their lives, right?

What is it that really interest us? Perhaps it’s their photos, or their style, their quotes, or our ability to relate to them. All of this combined can be described as their CONTENT. The key, is that it is THEIRS, not yours!

In the age of social media, it can sometimes be challenging to stay focused on your own life instead of giving in to the pull of status updates, selfies, followers and likes. I’ve been guilty of scrolling so much that I what starts out as admiration and happiness for someone, turns into envy and DISTRACTION over time.

The latin root ‘tract’ means “drag” or “pull”. Think of the function of a tractor; when we find ourselves in a place of distraction, we are being pulled away from our own lives and away from the things that could really use our attention. 

We begin to experience dis-contentment with our own CONTENT

I realize this may not be your struggle, but dis-contentment has a way of sneaking into our minds and emotions very subtly, and if we’re not sensitive to that reality, we can find ourselves unsatisfied and ungrateful, longing for the lives of others (or at least their highlights), instead of living our own.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the highlights are exciting, and I’m not proposing that we start posting pictures of ourselves crying or receiving a late bill notice; I enjoy seeing the positive and lovely things in the lives of others, and in the same breath I enjoy sharing the lovely things happening in my life. But what I do propose is that we become awakened to the value and realness of our personal content. 

Let us become CONTENT with our CONTENT

Candace ClaibornComment