Normal Please! (Part 1)

I used to want a “normal” life. I described this as, a life that involved working from 9 to 5, with weekends off, holidays and earned vacation time. The type of life that would offer a clear separation between work life and home life; after 5 o’clock, I would leave work at my desk and move on to other things. 

The most rewarding thing about my “normal” life would be the comfort of having a life that others could relate to. When asked “So, what do you do?”, I could CONFIDENTLY reply, “Oh, I work for … doing …”. Their reply would render a comforting, “Oh, really…that’s great”. The conversation would be over and I would feel “normal”. And let me not omit that this normal life would reassure me of “financial stability”. And lastly, I had the audacity to want this “normal” for my husband as well; I felt disappointed with every new job that didn’t seem “normal”.

For a few years, I rejected anything that didn’t fit this mold. This attitude of rejection, was essentially me taking on what I like to refer to as the, “know it all attitude”. This is taken from the Bible scripture, Genesis 3:6 Message version, that tells of the Eve’s desire to know it all, and her subsequent choice to eat of the forbidden tree and to share it with her husband. 

I thought I "knew it all". I thought that my idea of "normal" was the best thing, and in building my own mold, I was essentially rejecting God's instruction.

Can you relate to this experience?  Do you ever find yourself approaching life with a "know it all" attitude? Please share your comments and thoughts with me! Be sure to subscribe here, to receive part two of this Conversation with Candace. 

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