Normal Please! (Part 2)

After a while of complaining and discontentment, I began to trust my husband as he was led by God, to enter into the life that I now live. It looks nothing like the picture I painted, and I’m so grateful! I have the privilege of spending every day working alongside my husband, although our work lives and personal lives tend to overlap,it usually works out just fine. 

We have great flexibility with our time, and as for financial stability, I’ve learned that God is my provider and that my stability comes from Him and not from a job. Although this can be challenging at times to fully absorb, I feel such a relief doing what I enjoy and trusting that I am living and working the life that God ordained for me long ago (Ephesians 2:10)

Perhaps you do live the life that I described as “normal”, or maybe you live the complete opposite. Perhaps, you sense an internal tug pulling you away from your desk and into an entrepreneurial incubator. 

Don’t get me wrong,there’s absolutely nothing wrong or negative about working that 9 to 5, the important thing is that you are CONFIDENT, meaning “with faith”, that you are supposed to be there.

Any time we begin to put our CONFIDENCE in our jobs, appearances, or even the ways we’re perceived by others, we quickly begin to take on the “know it all attitude”. This leaves no room for CONFIDENCE in the God who truly knows it all. I love the scripture that reads, “My ways are higher your ways,and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts”/“Who is man that he should know God’s thoughts… (Isaiah 55:8-9, & Romans 11:33-36)

After reading these words, I’m immediately humbled and I can return to a place of true CONFIDENCE. It’s a relief to accept that I don’t have to know it all.

No matter which segment of life you identify with, if you really want to live CONFIDENTLY, I want to encourage you to begin assessing your life not from the standards of our social culture or even family expectations at times, but rather, begin to develop a genuine relationship with God and those who know you best, so you can CONFIDENTLY enter into the work/life that has been ordained (set aside in advance) just for you!

This process may be somewhat daunting, especially if it goes outside of the “norm” (whatever that is for you). But it will be so worth it!

Thanks so much for reading;for practical insight on how to begin this journey,check my next video on Monday!